Buy Shown Morin a coffee


Here you go. 

THIS. IS. "THE PLACE". The place you'll going to find your next background for your cell phone and your computer or not at all.

If you're here, it's OBVIOUSLY because deep down you can't hold yourself and really want to support me.. or (you can admit it) you were just wondering what it was! (No hard feeling broskies)

Anyway, I'm a coffee addict, with this place you'll be able to support my daily addiction (and of course, my work at the same time).

You will be able to offer me a coffee (or multiple)! It's not amazing?! I'll be INCREDIBLY happy.

SO, I'm counting on you! Thank you for supporting my daily addiction! (That helps me creating hehe)

Anne-Sophie Evoy
Anne-Sophie Evoy bought 5 coffees.

Allo! J’ai adopté un des chiots de Jessica, et tes photos de lui vont se retrouver dans un cadre for sure alors merci!!! 

Emile phaneuf
Emile phaneuf bought 15 coffees.

En esperant que tu puisses te shooter dans les veines au café pendant un petit bout ;) 

Katherine Mainville
Katherine Mainville bought a coffee.
Supermaman bought 3 coffees.

Morning coffee ☕ for my Book 💖

Someone bought a coffee.

thankyou verymuch!