Discord UI clone

So, some days back I created a discord UI clone . I built it with React and Bootstrap.Here's the link to it : https://disord-clone.netlify.app/

Dec 18

Twitter Clone using Firebase and React

One of my major projects . The Twitter Clone using React and Firebase also this time I used Material UI instead of Bootstrap. This twitter clone has user authentication along with posting tweets with Image functionality https://twitter-clone-af477.web.app/

Oct 12

Discreet : A simple chat web app

Next stuff after the todo thing was a chat app https://discreet-b6d33.web.app/

Oct 12

Firebase 🔥 + React ⚛ = 🤩

After making some sites with React , I thought of learning Firebase. This was my first ever Firebase + React app. A simple Todo app:https://todo-5b16d.web.app/

Oct 12


So after trying out various react projects, finally I launched my own personal website. Also bought a domain for it. You can call it my YouTube website v.2. https://thehardwaronzone.com/

Oct 12


Just a joke generator with llama. Why Llama? Actually there's no particular reason why I chose Llama to be the main of my website. https://llamajokes.netlify.app/

Oct 12