There are so many different ways how to get mushroom harvest...

Monotub is just one of the methods we are going to discuss. Monotub is the most desirable tek for magic mushroom growers and home cultivation.

Let’s figure out:

❓ What is monotub?
❓ Pros and cons of MonoTub 
❓ How Monotub works?

🌪 Influence of external factors on the MonoTub efficiency
❓ Why does some MonoTubs have air holes while other don't?
⚙️ Monotub configurations: modified monotub, unmodified monotub, double tub or twin tub, shoeboxes, automated monotub configurations

❗️ Basic rules for effective MonoTub
❓ How to make MonoTub: materials needed for monotub and How to set up monotub step by step

✅ Fully automated MonoTub set up
✅ Best MonoTub examples by Shroomok Growers Community

🔴 Check out full guide by Shroomok and all answers here:
Forget Monotub Kit. DIY. How to make Monotub for Mushrooms by your own

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Have a happy growing!
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