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Hello, would you like to leave me a tip if you've been to one of my online events or you enjoy my work?

Welcome to my wonderful studio in an old Victorian chocolate factory in East London. This is where I create Type Tasting workshops, talks, meetups, events and installations. I usually do a lot of work with students and spend a large proportion of my time on self-initiated and self-funded research. However, all of my live work planned for 2020 was cancelled due to Coronavirus.

Thank you to all who've joined me for live Zoom events, I've loved meeting all of you and I appreciate every ticket purchased because you're supporting the continuation of my work. If you'd like to add a little extra then you're welcome to buy me a virtual drink here.

You'll be playing a vital role in ensuring that the studio rent is paid so that I can continue to create live online events and will meet you in real life once we're out the other side.

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I look forward to seeing you at an online event,