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Hello and Welcome on my BuyMeACoffee Page.

My name is Carmelo Sammarco | Sicilian4ever and I really like to share my experiences, achievements and more generally  all my interests which in part are showcased in my  website. I do (mostly) programming (Python, C-shell/Bash scripting, AWK, GMT, SAC, CPS,Javascript) both front-end and back-end. I write scripts/software mainly for data manipulation/analysis/download, design/create customisable scientific procedures to  increase productivity or help you out in your research. I can also create from scratch simple but very functional web pages using HTML, CSS, Javascript and bootstrap that can be customised by your needs. I like to work with Wordpress and  other similar web services too. I am in constant personal development and really looking forward to hear from you for any kind of help that I could give or any proposal of collaborations. You can find more information and how to contact me from my website below:


Thanks for your Support, I really appreciate it!