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Siddra Daud Asghar is a freelance podcaster and journalist best known for being the one-woman team behind her own podcast The Siddra Asghar Show. She got her start in podcasting during her English & Multimedia studies at Manchester Metropolitan University.

Her journalism portfolio includes work for the official student arts and culture magazine aAh! and a self-designed critical project report describing how her experience at the magazine informed her of digital publishing trends.

Contact [email protected] for podcast enquiries

Contact [email protected] for journalism enquiries

What is The Siddra Asghar Show?

Presenter and resident South Asian sister Siddra Daud Asghar brings you the hottest social media tea and trending topics into one seasoned podcast show that promises to spill the tea, sip the tea and drop nothing but truth gems.

Expect both serious, in-depth discussions and fun, light-hearted commentary. 

News. Commentary. Opinion. Trending Topics. Interviews.  

All of this and more on #thesiddraasgharshow. 

Want to contribute to The Siddra Asghar Show?  

Contact [email protected] to share your side of the story. 

Presenter & Creator: Siddra Daud Asghar (@siddradasghar) 

Any donations or support is always appreciated and will be used towards the costs of the show e.g. studio hire, equipment costs, guests etc.

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