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Thank you for your support!  It goes a long way.

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Chris L
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This is amazing! So simple in design and exactly what I needed. My only suggestion (and i'm sure i'm not the first) is to have multiple conditions. But thank you thank you!

Thank you so much for your support and kind words, Chris!  It means a lot.  I'm really glad you find it useful! Having the ability to filter by multiple conditions is definitely something I'd like to do.  It's just a matter of finding the time.  I really want to do it right and keep the design as simple as possible.  It's certainly a tradeoff!  I will try to let you know when I get that feature out the door.

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Thank you so much for SifrRSS

Thank you for the support!  It goes a long way.

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So nice to finally clean out the latest buzzwords and political names out of my feeds

Thanks so much for your support!  I'm glad you're finding it helpful.  We're certainly living in buzzwordy times.