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Much gratitude for dropping by.

i write about learning and living mindfully. 

This is a space where i write about learning and living mindfully. 

We live in a world with so much given to us - information, objects, experiences. It is important we learn to reflect on what we need and consume mindfully. 

By subscribing to the newsletter, you are aware that your thought might be influenced by my writing over time. You might even embark on a change of lifestyle as you start to pay attention to what you use, how you spend your time, how you interact with people, who you decide to keep in your social circle.

This is a lifelong learning journey. I am no certified professional in this field;  neither do i believe knowledge and information can only be attained from certified professionals and their words hold the greatest credibility. I gather wisdom from Buddhism teachings, yoga, Stocism, Ivan Illich and a few others. I would like all to set aside time to take learning into your own hands. Curate your own life curriculum, seek your own mentors from books, people, knowledge made freely available online. Develop your own compass and reflect on the experiences you put yourself through. 

Should you no longer find my sharing useful, take time to unsubscribe and avoid letting me clutter your mailbox.

If you have gleaned insight from the space and would like to give thanks to me, you can do any of the following:

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Wishing all joy, peace, strength, wisdom 🌱🌻🌳

with much gratitude,

silent jingle

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