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I've spent a lot of spare time the past years improving existing features, solving bugs, adding new capabilities, updating documentation and most importantly helping users with whichever problems they run into.

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Actlist - Actlist is a utility platform to execute your own action list easily and simply.
    - Public Plugins
        - Stay Awake Plugin
        - Screen Capture Plugin
        - Color Picker Plugin
        - JSON Beautifier
        - And many more...
    - Private Plugins
        - Today's Menu for SDS
        - KNOX Backup Plugin
Hits - Hit Counter for Your GitHub or Any Kind of Websites You Want.
Acmicpc Kit - Template project for creating the problem project using fully customizable templates.


OSS Notice File Generator - A simple Java library to generate file for open source software.
Badge4J - Badge4J is a Java implementation of the badge-maker JavaScript library and is inspired by
CSSColor4J - CSSColor4J is a simple Java library for parsing CSS color string representations.
SimpleIcons4J - SimpleIcons4J is a Java implementation of the simple-icons JavaScript library and is inspired by
Arguments Parser - Java command line arguments parser.
Datecraft - Facade API to handling various date formats for Coordinated Universal Time also known as UTC.
Stopwatch - Stopwatch for get rid of chore in your code.
Nullify - Nullify for null representations and assertions of objects.
Slack API - A simple Java library to post a Slack message to specific channel.
Pushbullet API - A simple Java library to send a Pushbullet note to specfic device, client, channel and email.
And many more...

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