CW: sexual content, breeding kink, dirty talk, rough sex

Sasuke had slipped up once, revealed a desire buried so deep within himself that he had not realized it even existed until it spilled clumsily from his lips as his body trembled and quaked, deliciously vulnerable. 

It was in a moment of pure intimacy, when he and Sakura were both figuratively and literally stripped bare. Maybe a cup too many of sake had really done it, but Sasuke could not take it back even if he had wanted to. And Sakura, with that beautiful mind, never forgot anything and-

“Don’t you want to put a baby in me, Sasuke-kun?” she breathed, the wisp of air teasing him like her fingers did as they danced around his clavicle. 

“Sakura,” he murmured, voice more hoarse than he would have liked. His hand grasped at her wandering fingers but, unlike him, she had a spare. That bonus appendage slipped down his chest, stopping just between his belly button and the top of his pelvis, the slight pressure causing a heat to build.

“I think you want to,” she cooed, lacing the fingers of her entrapped hand with his as the other crept ever closer to the point of no return. “Like you said before–”

“You’re overestimating my restraint,” Sasuke muttered, fingers tightening over hers. 

“Am I?” the way her pink locks fanned against her cheek as she tilted her head should have been made illegal. No forbidden jutsu in existence could have a more dangerous implication.

It was one of those things he convinced himself they would simply never speak of again. He was caught up in the moment, caught up in sensation and it simply did not make sense for two just-barely-twenty year old ninja traipsing through the continent to want to bring a new life into the picture.

And yet. Sasuke’s eyes slipped closed and he clenched his jaw as his wife leaned closer, mouth hovering near his cheek.

“There’s two Uchiha in the world, now, anata,” Sakura’s tongue flicked against his ear, like a blade to the thin string of his composure. “How about we make three?”

Tsuma,” he said warningly, opening his eyes narrowly. His remaining limb might as well have been severed, too, for the way it betrayed him. The fingers of said hand stroked up her arm, crept up her back to cup around his wife’s nape and tilt her face up to his.

You know you want to.

The flush of her cheeks was illuminated by the fire, the exposed skin of her shoulders pale in the moonlight. Sasuke rubbed at her jaw with the pad of his thumb before sweeping it over the fullness of her bottom lip, pushing down slightly to expose just a hint of pearly-white teeth.

“And what if I do want to,” he hissed, dipping his thumb past the rim of her mouth to rub over the sharp edge of her ivories, “if I want to fill you up and make you heavy with my child? What then, Sakura? Do you really think now is the right time?”

Wide green eyes stared up at him like simmering pools before the lids lowered as his wife’s mouth stretched into a playful grin.

“I think now is perfect,” the hand he had somehow forgotten called for his attention as it finally slid to its destination, fingers cupping him intimately over his pants. “I happen to know that right now my body is very much ready to…receive you. You and everything you have to give.”

“And you want a criminal to father your children,” he mumbled, slightly dazed as his blood seemed to redirect its course from his brain to the spot Sakura was focusing on between his legs.

“What can I say,” she purred, using his distraction to press herself wholly against him, caging his hips with her thighs, “it’s kind of a fantasy of mine.”

“Sakura,” Sasuke pulled away from her seeking lips to stare into her eyes. “This is not a game.”

“I know, Sasuke-kun,” she replied, bringing one hand to his nape and leaning forward until their foreheads were touching. “I’m not playing.”

He felt as if he would drown in her gaze but was pulled back into the present when she slowly bore her weight down onto him, the warmth of her center radiating over his. Her second hand slid back up his chest to join the other behind his head as she curled her hips forward, causing his breath to catch in his throat.

A breathy sigh fluttered across his mouth before Sakura was claiming it with her own, lips pressing insistently, tongue searching for his. He clung to her slim waist with his fingers, grip tightening as she nipped at his lower lip before sweeping into his mouth once more with her probing tongue. The last of his senses slipped away as she moaned sweetly into his mouth, hips beginning a gentle rocking motion against his rapidly stiffening sex.

Sasuke ripped his mouth away just enough to rasp, “You won’t make it to twenty one before I’ve given you a child.”

“Good, we should get started early,” she hummed, pressing a lingering kiss to his chin. “I always told Ino that I’d have a bunch of Sasuke-kun’s babies.”

Before he even realized, their positions were flipped so Sakura was splayed out on their bed mat, Sasuke pressing over her as he kissed her so deeply he distantly feared one of them would steal the breath from the others’ lungs. His hand stroked near-frantic over her form, squeezing at her breast before sweeping down the curve of her waist to pinch at the swell of her hip. His fingers brushed over her exposed belly button and he groaned, splaying his fingers over the soft flesh of her lower abdomen. 

He freed his wife’s mouth only to press hungry kisses down her throat as he tugged at her clothes, pushing her top up and pulling her bindings down to expose her breasts to his seeking lips. Sakura’s quiet gasps and broken whimpers filtered to his ears like music as he toiled to shove her shorts and underwear down her legs.

Sakura helped him by kicking her way out of the fabric and hooking her feet at his own waistband to free him from his clothes as well. Rising to his knees, he pulled his shirt over his head swiftly before leaning back over to take her lips once again.

He worked a hand between her trembling thighs, spreading them widely before slipping his fingers through her folds.

“So wet already, tsuma,” he breathed, sucking hard at the flesh above her collarbone. “See how easily I could slide in…”

Her voice broke on a belly-deep moan as he slid into her with two fingers, curling the appendages upward on the second thrust. 

“Sasuke-kun, just fuck me,” she whined, twisting her hips as he pumped in and out of her at a steady pace, her juices spilling with each stroke, wetting his hand and wrist. “Please.”

“Shhh,” he hushed, curling his fingers once more and applying pressure to a spot that caused the muscles in her thighs to spasm. “I have to take my time with the future mother of my child.”

The shiver that took her form at his words only caused the throbbing heat at his center to burn higher. Sasuke trailed reverent kisses and gentle love-bites down from her chest to her navel before settling his face between her thighs.

The first sweep of his tongue over her folds granted him a long, angelic sigh. Soon he was pistoning his fingers in and out while his mouth latched on the bundle of nerves at the top of his wife’s mound. Her hips bucked and curled beneath his attention but he only doubled his efforts, pressing in deeper, licking at her with more haste. 

His name spilled from her lips in a screech as her muscles locked and quivered, slick walls gripping spasmodically at his fingers as he lapped at her fountain, becoming drunk with the taste of her. Sasuke’s breaths quicked in anticipation as he stroked gently against her pulsating walls, dizzy at the prospect of that same sensation gracing the arousal straining painfully between his legs.

Clear fluid clung to his fingers as he dragged them away from her slowly. Sakura’s chest was flushed and heaving, the space between her thighs glistening tantalizingly. He could only stare, transfixed at the beauty of her lying spread open and vulnerable before him as he mindlessly worked himself free from the last of his entrapments.

Still-damp fingers reached out to grip one of her toned thighs tightly, dragging her toward him until her buttocks pressed against his knees.

Sasuke clenched his teeth on a groan as he shifted his hips forward, allowing his rigid member to slide gently over her folds, pushing until the base rested flat against her mound, the tip of him reaching just past her navel.

With an upwards glance he found his wife staring dazedly at the organ resting heavy on the lower part of her abdomen.

“I can’t believe that fits inside of me,” she mumbled, quietly enough that she could have been speaking to herself.

“You were made for me,” Sasuke stated breathlessly, pulling his hips back achingly slow, allowing her to feel every inch of him as he glided past her slick petals. “Perfect for me…”

He positioned himself so the tip of him pressed against the soaked warmth of her center. 

“Are you sure this is what you want?” he asked quietly, clenching his jaw as he ripped his gaze away from the spot they were nearly joined to meet her bright gaze. 

“Yes,” she whispered, reaching for him with a look of pure adoration on her features. “I want you to give me a baby, Sasuke-kun.” 

The last fibre of his restraint disintegrated and his hips snapped forward, sheathing his member in her center in one sharp thrust. Their voices mingled on a violent groan and a broken gasp as Sasuke braced himself on his knees and pressed his chest flush against hers.

Tingles raced down his spine at the sensation of her warm, wet and tight around him. With no barrier to separate them, Sasuke could feel every little ridge of her inside, the pulsing of her around him. He began to rock back and forth and his eyes nearly rolled back into his head at the slide of her against him.

Sakura’s fingers dug into his shoulders as he took her at a brutal pace, plunging in fast and deep, deeper with each swivel of his hips.

“I’m going to make a mess of you,” he whispered harshly into her ear, catching it between his teeth for a second before continuing, “I’m going to fill you with my seed until you’re overflowing. And then I’ll fill you some more.”

Yes, anata,” Sakura stuttered, voice shaken off balance with the ferocity of his thrusts.

Sasuke felt his mind going blank, unable to process anything but the sound of his wife moaning and sobbing with pleasure, the bite of her fingernails into his back and the slick heat of her sliding over him as he slammed into her again and again.

He moved his head back to kiss her desperately, sucking her tongue into his mouth and groaning deeply against her lips as she writhed under him, hips rolling frantically to meet his thrusts. Ripping away from her mouth, he straightened, widening his knees and grasping tightly at her hip as he pistoned in and out of her, adjusting the tilt of her lower body and her back arched up high.

“Sa-Sasuke,” she choked, a hand sliding lightly against his chest, fingertips into him weakly. He loosened his hold on her hip just long enough to brush her arm aside, adjusting his grip once more to pull her toward him with every thrust. “You’re so- ahh, so deep.”

“Shall I go deeper, wife?” he hissed, slowing his pace to pull out until only the tip remained with her quivering core before gliding back in until their pelvises met, leaning his weight forward and grinding his hips firmly against hers.

She whimpered, eyes rolling back and he shuddered, moving his hand to press down heavily on her lower abdomen, at the spot just above her mound.

“Do you like that, Sakura?” he whispered, pumping into her at a building pace and maintaining the firm pressure of his hand. “Are you ready to be filled up?”

Pink strands were strewn across the pillows as Sakura’s head thrashed side to side, pleas and affirmatives becoming nearly incomprehensible as moans and cries spilled from her lips. 

“Feel that,” he gritted out, reaching for one of her hands and pressing it down with his hand over the spot he was touching before. She whimpered at the pressure, how his length caused the area to bulge slightly under their touch as he moved inside her.

“I can’t take it,” Sakura sobbed, back bowing off the bed, tendons straining in her neck as she jerked against him. “I-”

Her words faltered in the wake of a long, resounding moan and Sasuke gasped at the feeling of her insides gripping his arousal tightly, pulsating around him in such a way a chill shot down his spine.

Tsuma,” his voice rumbled as he slammed into her as deep as he could go, her sharp cry drowned out by the roaring in his ears as the muscles of his lower abdomen clenched and his shaft throbbed, spilling inside her as he choked on the syllables of her name. 

His head fell back against his shoulders and he stayed pressed deep inside her until the last twitches of his member ceased and every drop he had to offer was wrung out by her spasming core. 

Sakura groaned quietly when he finally dragged himself out of her, thighs falling weakly to either side as she lay boneless and panting against the dampened sheets.

Sasuke laid shakily beside her, sidling close up against her trembling form and pressing a chaste kiss to her temple as he tried to catch his own breath.

“I’ll let you rest for a moment,” he breathed, dropping another gentle kiss to her head. She gasped, twitching slightly as his hand slid up the inside of her thigh. 

“Sasuke-kun,” she whispered, turning her head to press her face into the space between his neck and shoulder.

He gathered the viscous white fluid dripping slowly from her entrance with his fingers before pressing them inside her slowly, pushing it as deep as his fingers could reach.

“I plan to make sure you’re carrying my child by the end of the night, tsuma,” he whispered gently, curling his fingers inside and inhaling deeply as his wife shivered. “So I’ll fill you with my cum again, and again, again....”

Sakura whined, twisting at the waist as he pressed his thumb firmly over her clit and continued to stretch his fingers as deeply within her as they would go.

“And you’ll take every… last…,” he nipped at her ear with his teeth, “drop.”