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Hey Atari Sceners! You can't participate, but still want to support me and the event? Then buy me a coffee or two or three... ;-) !
I would also like to take this opportunity to thank all sponsors, media patrons and individuals for all their efforts with all of the Silly Venture Parties. It's thanks to you there's another edition of this biggest (not only in Europe but Worldwide) event dedicated to all fans of Atari consoles and computers.
I would like to thank also ALL participants of SV - independently if they are members of the demoscene or just users. Everyone of you added one brick to the success of this event. I am so happy, that we can common care for our memories from great days of Atari - that it isn't closed book, and it has new chapters that are still to be written to it.

“Look where we are
In your wildest dreams
did you see us this far
Just look where we are”

We welcome you back to our humble doors! :) We just celebrated the 50th anniversary of ATARI together, meeting on the 34th floor of the "Olivia Star" skyscraper in Gdansk to honor the equipment of the giant from Sunnyvale: VCS, XL/XE, ST/STE, Portfolio, Falcon, Lynx and Jaguar, and the next, this time winter edition of the biggest event in the world dedicated to fans of Nolan Bushnell and Jack Tramiel is approaching! Both of these gentlemen will be exceptionally honored at the 15th edition of Silly Venture from 8th to 11th December this year - Nolan, because this year is the 45th anniversary of the Atari2600 VCS console, and Jack, because 30 years have passed since the premiere of the amazing Atari Falcon computer! You can't miss it - SV is the biggest and most unconventional event dedicated to the pioneer of electronic entertainment from Silicon Valley.

You're welcome!

Grey / Mystic Bytes
A.D. 24.09.2022

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