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Dakini Oracle: Healing the Past

Dakini Oracle: Healing the Past

Sep 08, 2023

Pearls of Wisdom with Katharina Bless

Dakini Card Reading for Sep 8, ‘23

Since I keep having very intense dreams and it’s not easy to interpret them, it is more accurate to understand when I ask my Dakini Oracle. I want to share this with you, since I see that this is not only a topic that is in my life, but very much what is going on with humanity now.

Here what I got for now and this month, which is a good continuation of my previous reading.

We are still working on healing the past and you might have symptoms in your body to heal that are connected with the ancestor line. It is said if we heal something which is something like an inherited illness that some of our ancestors already had, that we can heal issues 7 generations back. I feel that is happening now with me, since I have a couple things going on that remind me of what my maternal grandmother went through.

Once we heal we are more connected to the heart and there will be more harmony and balance in our life. Kali is destroying the enemies of truth and also acts as a protector here. She comes in a mission of “fury” and has no mercy with those who are connected to the crimes against humanity.

The second “set” of cards show that we are still working on our ego, since we are brainwashed so much of what it good and bad, right and wrong, we have to work through issues that are connected with the brain programming with is the motivator of the ego. I can only recommend that you ask yourself when ever something does not feel right: “What would Love do now?”

This might be related to the “hot seat” where we are tested to be worthy and all the old darkness burned away. It looks a bit like the story” that its easier for a camel going through the eye of the needle than a rich man to go to heaven”. We all have still a lot of attachments that need to go. We have to face our demons to clear them:

What you resists, persists,
What you look at, disappears.

Once we have let go of our attachments and ballast, we can be in the Now and pass the great wheel of time (also a Kali card, there are 3 of them!!) and it signifies the end of the Kali Yuga, the demons of lust, greed, cruelty, violence and anger and all the others will be gone.

This relates to the energy of where we are, since shadow/darkness is absence of light, the demons can’t exist in the light because they are shadow beings that feed of our life energy and can only exist as long as we feed them with negative thoughts like fear and others mentioned above. This is why it is crucial for the Cabal to keep the masses in a state of fear, because that is the energy that makes them thrive.

Step into your courage and heat space, there is the key for the awakening and shift of energy!

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