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Dakini Oracle Reading for November '23

Dakini Oracle Reading for November '23

Nov 06, 2023

Pearls of Wisdom with Katharina Bless

Dakini Oracle Reading for 6th of November 2023

In the videos “Pearls of Wisdom” Katharina is helping people to understand time quality better and also answers questions. The Secret/Sacred Dakini Oracle is answering questions and give us a better view of what is going on beyond the illusion.

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And here the update on my dogs that you heard in the background: Little Sandy is a very clever dog and she loves to play with Lanna. We had to rename her because people here don’t say the “R” and I definitely didn’t want her to be called lala.

She is doing well, also up to playing and the little Sandy is all over her – the older Sheela is now also warming up to the new company!

Katharina is a spiritual teacher since 4 decades, traveling the world and teaching. As an "old soul" her only goal is to help human beings to see beyond the material/persona limitations. She is retired and lives in Chiang Rai Thailand where she has started to grow her own food, planted a huge orchard of fruit and other trees.

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