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Dakini Oracle and SkyView Astrology Read ...

Dakini Oracle and SkyView Astrology Readings

May 11, 2022

Personal Readings with Katharina Bless

In this post I want to clarify something about the readings that I offer. My readings are very powerful and the tools I use more accurate than any fortune telling.

Since it is not completely clear to many what a reading can reveal I want to explain here what is possible. I often receive questions like:”will I get this job next year?” or “will I move away from here?” “Will I be happy….?” "Will this man/woman marry me?"

These questions are impossible to answer because it’s up to you. You have to make a decision first and then we can look at what this decision is triggering in your life and if the energies are supportive or not.

I have outlined below what benefit you can get out of the two main readings I can offer .

... is the astrology system working with the correct astronomical Star Constellations

The practice of SkyView or Star-Sign Astrology has been lost since about 2000 years. The SkyView horoscope reveals one's life curriculum, final goal and path of evolution; or in other words, we can say that the SkyView Astrology chart is the road-map for one’s individual life to reach the chosen destination.

The healing effect of such a reading is very powerful because the individual is finally aligned to his/her life purpose and the energy can flow freely. With this alignment it is easier to make decisions and find the inner power for a purposeful, happy and fulfilled life.

The full life reading will cover the following:
- What is your Life Purpose
- Showing the Karmic path, what is your Karma and how to release/redeem it to move on
- Where do you come from and what is your Destiny / Goal
- Provides tools how to make your Life successful
- What are your natural talents and ”the way of least resistance”
- Looking into the Now with the progression method or/and Transits to help you to understand what you can do now to align/re-align with the path of your soul.

Shorter readings are ideal for follow up or we just cover as much as we can in the time available.

For a full one hour life reading the energy exchange is 100 US$
45 min 75 US$
30 min 50 US$.

We can also mix Astrology and the Dakini Oracle, depending on the questions you have in a follow up reading.

If there are important decisions coming up in your life, the Dakini Oracle might be more precise and easy for the moment

The Secret Dakini Oracle Reading

Do you have burning questions that you want to be answered?
Are there any problems in life that you would like to resolve?
Situations that are not clear? Relationships that don't work?

The Secret Dakini Oracle might give you the perfect answer! To get good answers, you have to have good questions!
Don’t ask “Will I be happy. Successful etc”, this is up to you if you approach life in a positive attitude or not.
We look at the possible steps how to reach a goal and move forward and overcome the obstacles in the way. So for example ask like this:
- If I quit this job, what is this triggering in my life? What kind of energies does it bring?
- If I stay in this job/relationship, how can I make it work? What are the energetic pattern of this situation.
- Is the food I eat now good for my health?
- What would be the benefit from taking certain supplements like Vit C, Zink etc....
- What would be the benefit from taking up sports like ... swimming, walking, running etc....

Usually the questions evolve during the reading, but you need a clear topic what you want to get clear answers. “General readings” are more accurate if we use the SkyView Astrology.

Fortune telling does not really work, you can have the most beautiful predictions and then they can fall apart because sometimes it is not only up to you. Therefore it is my experience of 4 decades doing this kind of work, that it is more practical to look at what I can do to change things! This works beautifully!

  • Imagine that each decision you make will trigger something that influences your time line and this is what we can see in the cards.

The Secret Dakini Oracle is an ancient teaching of the great Tantric Masters of the East and contains the inner mysteries of the universe. The sixty-five cards comprising the Secret Dakini Oracle are surrealistic expressions of each of these inner mysteries found in the subtle body.
Humans are like mirrors of the universe or macrocosm. The inner and outer worlds are not separate, but rather they are interwoven, forming a fabric of existence, which extends from spiritual aspects to material aspects. If we search within ourselves, we find that we are composted of the same basic principles as are found in the realities of the outside world.

The Secret Dakini Oracle is a reflection of who we are and a help us to recognize where we are in the moment in relationship to our life path. Therefore it can show us the way to make life more easy and happy!

Energy Exchange:
45 min reading US$ 60
30 min reading US$ 45
20 min reading US$ 30

We can also mix Astrology and the Dakini Oracle, depending on the questions you have, in a follow up reading.

How to Pay:
You can buy me coffees for the amount you like me to prepare for. I will receive an email and get back to you so we can arrange the reading.

You can find the button here at the end of this blog page.

Once you paid, I receive an email and we make an appointment. My readings are on Zoom and recorded. You can either record it directly on your computer or will receive a message with the details so you can download it.

People in Thailand can transfer the money to my Thai Bank Account.

You can reach me with Telegram: @KatharinaBless

or send an email to katharinabless at

Katharina Bless has been searching her whole life for the “real thing” behind all the deception of mass information within all areas of life. She never was “normal” and asked too many questions so she could not keep a job for long… She started her own business early and was working with alternative medicine, starting with Bach Flower remedies in 1980. She continued with learning and teaching many different methods, including sound and colour healing, Reiki, Mandala Art Therapy, Re-birthing and Regression and also studied Astrology, Tarot, the Dakini Oracle and Numerology.

In 1992 she moved to Thailand for health reasons and was not only able to cure herself, but here she found the time and opportunities for more intensive research.

She always had a garden and grew most of her own food and learned the impact of “food as medicine”,
In 1993, after working with Western Astrology for 10 years, she discovered the SkyView Astrology. This knowledge helped her to understand life differently and see things that she never could see before in such a clear way, that it was mind blowing.

She wrote the books: ‘Flower Healing Power’ 1 and 2, ‘SkyView Astrology’ and a little booklet about the “Secret of the Abundance Box’ to help people to claim back their inherited power. She was the founder of Soma Retreat Center in the North of Thailand, a little paradise that offered many answers for seekers. Now she is retired, but still works and teaches workshops when there is a request.

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