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Energy Update 11 October 22

Oct 11, 2022

Update 11 Oct 22 by Silver Dove
Energy update

The energy in the moment is very “weak” every where. The fear in the air is palpable and I can feel the stress and uncertainty of the people around me.

This time it seems that those who are about to wake up are the ones that send out massive calls for help. They are not able to understand what is going on yet, they don’t have the whole picture, only fragments.

I asked my Dakini Oracle specifically about the energy on the planet.
The first card that came up was “49 Cutting Through”. This is very significant since it is the 7x7=49. The significance of 7 is also very clear in Astrology with the 7 personal planets. It is represented in the week days and represents the physical life.

I actually was talking about it in my last moon reading, but did not have the images ready. So I will do this here now. This cycle represent life and reincarnation. The old paradigm with hardly any chance for enlightenment and getting out of this cycle!

In the “old paradigm” we had only this cycle and it ended with Saturn and began with the Sun, when consciousness incarnates into another body.

The 49th card in the Dakini Oracle represents the maximum extent of 7x7 and the possibilities in physical life … in a prison that is doomed to repeat itself again and again.

But since the discovery of the outer planets things have shifted. In the past, to achieve enlightenment, to move forward was only possible for very few people and it was connected to years of mediation and living outside of the mainstream. A very good illustration are the temples and teaching of the Himalayan Masters, the Tibetan Buddhism.

In this image you see that there is a possibility to move beyond Saturn, they key is Chiron. No wonder that Western/Tropical astrology has "kicked" Chiron out because it's smaller than a planet. But the significance of Chiron is a whole other story....

Now we have a “bridge” that is connected to the higher frequency of our planet leading us into the Golden Age. Since we passed the Marker and survived the end of the Dark Ages, we are now ready to move differently. So we also have to look at Astrology in a different way and abandon the Western System, that in fact has nothing to do with the real star constellations. I just show you here a little explanation that you can see where this is going. Many of the “old souls” have already crossed that gap and have a higher consciousness than the masses.

The Sun is connected with it’s “higher Octave” of the Uranus and some have transcended this step. I might write about it again one day with more explanation of the planetoid Chiron and his significance in this journey.

So every thing has come to an end and the “cutting through” shows that this happenings now are doing this. In biblical therms that would be the separation of the wheat from the chaff!

You might not completely understand those images, just let the symbols impress you and you might have some inspiration and suddenly "see" something.

The next two cards I got are the same as in the last reading: the Tidal Wave and Hot Seat. Again: all the chaff is flushed away, the inspiration (connected with Uranus) in the pillar of fire, the lingam of Shiva, will take over and be the impregnation and fertilization for the new world. The Seed from which will sprout the new Golden Age. The Hot Seat shows that only those worthy who are willing to let go of all the selfish drive and desire of power and control will be able to move into this New Aera.

Then the last card, the Tree Spirit Yakshi, shows that we are reconnected to nature and to a natural flow of life and things. Nature will be our guide!

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