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Full Moon Reading 19 Nov 2021

Nov 19, 2021

Full Moon Reading 19 Nov 21

Intense Soul training to learn to SEE

By Katharina Bless

The full moon with moon in Taurus and the Sun in Libra is a very special one because it’s not the usual opposites. The emotions try to hold on to the old, are pretending that every thing will be fine… just hold on!

But the Sun is talking about balancing together with Mercury and Mars also in Libra. You can see from the aspects, that the emotions are high and the lot of tension everywhere is palpable! Many people say they can’t sleep or are so tired that they want to sleep the whole day.

This has to do with the different frequencies that interfere with the light that is becoming stronger the deeper we move into the photon belt. The endgames are always very difficult but if you look at how desperate they try to get that jab into people, you see that we are very close to a break through!

If you look at the natural laws, you can see that every thing has to be balanced at one point. Every thing is connected to a rhythm with a beginning and an end in the physical dimensions. Since this is the first time humanity survives the end of a cycle without a global cataclysm.

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