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How to be connected?

Jul 16, 2021

Update 16 July 21 by Silver Dove

How to be connected?

In this time when tension are getting more and more tight, it is very important to be connected to our True Self.

Yes, I have written about that before, many times, but now it comes to the point where it can save your life in a more efficient way that you can imagine.

The energy has already greatly changed, the Schumann Resonance charts show it in a dramatic way. To follow up and adapt to the new energy is sometimes very difficult because:

We don’t know what we don’t know!


Now, this might sound silly, but it is very important because we never have been in a similar situation and our brain can not help us. The brain is comparing all the old data and then draws a conclusion of what we should do. If we listen to the brain, we do with very high guarantee the wrong thing!

What is to come is not in our program, the brain does not know and therefore can’t advise. The heart can advise and the inspiration and intuition are coming from the brain cells in the heart into our consciousness.

As you all know, we are in fact a spirit having a human experience. This human experience is not being judged on the level of the soul. It just IS.
We learn through our experience and as you know, the painful experiences are the most bold teachers. If you burn your fingers and feel the pain, you are careful not to touch the fire or the hot plate again. Your brain registers it and also the body, the memory of your cells know now. They are being programmed with many things including bacteria, virus etc. to know how to react and fight the intruders in the body.

The mind also has the same program and creates a wall around the persona to protect him/her from negative experience. This is how people go into fear. The program that was the dogma for many thousands of years is changing now and our mind does not know how to re-act… because there is nothing to RE-act!

Now we need to act. We have to move beyond the brain knowledge and connect with the Higher aspect of Self. I compared that in the last FB life last Tuesday like this:
Imagine you are in the car and there is a helicopter above you and all you have to do is turn on the radio and you can get all the information of what you don’t see because the helicopter has a better view and can see what is behind the next curve.

Yes, it is easy… very easy in fact but we are all programmed that every thing has to be difficult! No pain no gain…

But now you can just talk to the guys in the helicopter and ask them to tell you what you need to know.

Dear spirit within and without and around me, come closer so I can hear you. I am ready to listen. Tell me what I need to know. In gratitude … so it is.

If you are not sure, you can always use kinesiology to make sure you understand. Test your muscle and the you see when you are strong and when you are weak. This is a clear language and if you trust this, it will help you with every thing in your daily lives.

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