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How to create Abundance

Sep 07, 2021

Update 7 September 21 by Silver Dove

How to create Abundance - Our nature IS Abundance ........ it was stolen from us!

After I wrote the moon reading, I was very exited to see the energy at work and this morning a lot of positive messages are in my different Telegram channels. It’s overwhelming!

I also read the message from Matthew, a wonderful soul who talks to his mother and she is publishing for free one message a month: https://www.matthewbooks.com/september-3-2021/

Even though it looks still very dire in the MSMedia and they still don’t tell humans what is really going on, a lot of people are now following other media. Still, we have to be careful too! Many alternative channels are also created from the Cabal in the way of Conspiracy Theories, and they give only part of the truth. The best is if we listen to the messages of the “little” people who give us first hand life experiences. There are some very good ones that host and interview people, but even there not “every thing is gold what glitters”

My oracle message today is about Creativity and Abundance

Abundance is not really about money but about living in a state of contentment and creativity. Once you are starting to contemplate abundance, you come to the realization that it is in fact our responsibility to live in abundance. Lack of abundance states that your consciousness level is not aligned with the energy of abundance, because of fear energies.

Fear energies are based in the program/matrix that is holding the reign for many: you are not worthy because you are born in sin!
you are not good enough
there is not enough.....

This is the program to control you and become a slave. You can find a lot more, what you are supposed to be “not” or “have not”! There is enough, enough of all we need, the problem was that the big wealth was not distributed to all but in the hands of less than 1% hoarded so the "little" people can be controlled. Those they consider slaves and useless eaters!

The fact is that you are a spiritual being having a human experience!

Our religions have twisted words and misinterpreted the messages of the Masters. There are many mistakes in translations!

We have a possibility to go to our own divine source to find out for ourselves. One of the most powerful method in daily life is the test with the muscle that you can use to find out what is good for you and what not.

Once we are connected to our “higher Self” and ask for guidance (they can only help us if we ask in this place of free will!)

When I was in the workshop of Thorwald Dethlefsen in the 80’s, he answered a question on the last day when one of the participants asked, why his workshops are so expensive. First, I have to mention that they were not very expensive, but if it’s a one week workshop in a nice hotel, it was costly! I had to save up money to be there, but for his workshops, that was ok and I wanted to go, so I created the money with selling beautiful condolence cards from batik I made in our local stationary shop.

Dethlefsen answered the questions: if you still have a problem with money, how will you ever achieve a higher consciousness, if you are not able to manage the material level? How will you navigate your way in an energy level that you can’t see?

This was a powerful lesson for me and since then I always have used my creativity to achieve what I wanted. And the good thing is that I was successful. When you don’t give up and resign but take back your power and find out what you can do to get more, you will gradually get more. I have visualized what I wanted and if I didn’t sabotage myself with contradictions of what I wanted to manifest, it worked!

I have written a little booklet about that and you can have if for free if you like, it is a way how you manifest in harmony with the moon cycle which is very much connected with our daily lives. You can send me a message in my Telegram channel and I send it to you.

On this level it is often the case that our abundance comes our way like plants grow. You have to put a seed in the ground and then leave it there. Don’t go and get it out to check if roots are coming out… if you disturb the process, its not working.

Many people make the mistake that they want to control the process. There is no way that we can control the energy once we released it. Once you ask for help to materialize your idea, the benevolent helpers start to work in the unseen realms to put in in contact with the right people and what else is needed.

As long as you think just linear you won’t achieve any thing. Just let that sink in: What make the seed grow? What makes it know what to become?

Each seed has beside a very unique information from the “mother” a divine life spark that is activated in positive circumstances and it shoots and grows into a plant.

This is the same process that is happening with our creativity. We “plant” the idea and then let the positive circumstances work for us.

This is something I have done since decades and I have proven many times in my life that it works. To get there, you have to change your mind set and remove the false programs that are controlling you. We are meant to live in abundance!

Now, in the rising vibration of this powerful shift into a higher dimension, it is easier to achieve results. Easier than decades ago since there is just a thin veil now that separates us from the Soul, this was a thick wall in the past and only in deep meditation we could go there!

It reminds me of the fall of the Berlin wall in 1989. In 1986 the consciousness level of humanity has moved beyond the fear based energies and reached the level of Courage! This is when things started to turn for humanity and what we see now is the result! All the “dirt” is coming to the surface to be healed and transformed. This is the first time humans survive after the dark age and is not wiped out in a cataclysm.

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