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Human Consciousness Levels

Jun 25, 2022

Pearls of Wisdom

Table of Human Consciousness Levels

In the videos “Pearls of Wisdom” Katharina is answering Questions from her students. Today with Suchada and Navasit

• What is the definition of consciousness level?

• How do you test consciousness level?

• Has it something to do with intelligence level or knowledge?

• Are we born at the lowest consciousness level?

• Does it automatically shift up higher when we grow up?

• Are life events responsible for shifting the consciousness level up or down?

• Can we stabilize the level of consciousness?

• Can there be more than one level of consciousness active at the same time?

• Once we reach a higher consciousness level, can we fall back into a lower level?


The link to the Brighteon Video: https://www.brighteon.com/248da8ae-e286-423e-b2ef-9901047c1680

As promised in the video, here is the consciousness table that you can copy and use as a whole with the reference to the author.

Rupert Sheldrake: Morphic Resonance and Morphic Fields - an Introduction


And the book I mentioned: Dr. David R. Hawkins: Power VS Force

You can find the Table of Consciousness Levels in my blog:

This video is dedicated to every body who is ready to move beyond limitation to find the real potential and take back their Heritage as a Divine Being having a Human experience!

If you want to ask a question, we will talk about it and either answer it private or consider to make a video.

Katharina is a spiritual teacher since 4 decades, traveling the world and teaching. As an "old soul" her only goal is to help human beings to see beyond the material/persona limitations. She is retired and lives in Chiang Rai Thailand where she has started to grow her own food, planted a huge orchard of fruit and other trees.

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