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Purification is needed

Jul 05, 2022

Update 5 July 22 by Silver Dove
Purification is needed

The news every where are so depressing, that it is time to really take care of ourselves and not give our energy away to this. It is all big fear mongering and what is very disturbing is that still so many people simply obey and do what the dark elite dictates them.

But knowing what is really happening and not just propaganda, it is very crucial that we don’t look at that news which is aggressive and threatening. It is more than ever important that we engage in visualizing and putting all our energy and creativity in the positive outcome. Imagine the world of your dreams and send love to the whole planet.

As I mentioned in the video about the consciousness table I made. Those who are in a very “frozen” state of consciousness can’t be reached and can’t reason. They are terrified and only warmth can melt ice.. only love can shift the energy.

For now I would recommend that you do every thing that makes you happy. If you have Bach Flower Remedies available, check it out and take them. It is depending on you what exactly is good for you, it is especially about to get over the fear and start to reconnect with the Divine Self!

I can recommend you today one of our Asian Gateway flower essences and what you can do is to print out the image of this flower and put a glass of water on the picture and drink it slowly over the day and the days to come.

Here some quotes from my book:

Water Hyacinth
Eichornia crassipes, Family Pontederiaceae, Nickname: Violet Flame

Main Keywords: Purification; flexibility (effortless floating); inner light

Violet Flame essence helps for purification on all levels. It guides people to find clarity and the inner Light, expands the vision to detach from a limited personal views and to be rooted in the Higher Self. It enables people to “float” along one’s life path without resistance and to move through life-challenging transformations with ease. Violet Flame essence shines like a torch if we are confronted with darkness and shows the way through the tunnel back into the light.

The characteristics of Violet Flame

The Water Hyacinth flower is truly amazing. The central lilac petal displays a perfect image of a violet candle with a yellow/violet flame. It is as an artist would have hand painted it! Each time I see this image, I am filled with awe at such beauty. This is, in contrast to the Water Hyacinth’s bad reputation, one of the most unique flowers. They cover lakes and ponds entirely when not controlled, dramatically impacting water flow, blocking sunlight from reaching native aquatic plants and starving the water of oxygen. On the other hand, the water hyacinth also cleans the water from impurities and is a fantastic plant to use for any drainage where dirty water has to be cleaned.

This is a very interesting fact because it relates to part of the function of the Violet Flame essence. Since Water Hyacinth is a water plant, it mainly affects your emotional body. If you don’t control your emotional energies, you are in trouble. In this case, you can see the “cancer” symbolism in the excessive and rampant growth of the plant! If you allow uncontrolled growth of your ego, it creates a similar mess.

The beautiful design on the flower indicates the solution to this problem: Light! The image shows, in a symbolic way, how the violet flame burns away mental and emotional impurities. The flame removes negative, ego focused mental chatter and prevents scattered thoughts. If you meditate with this flower, you feel calm and centered.

Every Water Hyacinth flower has six petals resembling a six-pointed star, formed by two triangles; one is pointing up and the other down. The petal that is pointing to the sky is the one with the painted candle. The six-pointed star is a symbol of the integration and harmony of yin and yang, feminine and masculine and “As above: So below”. It leads you from polarity into unity consciousness. The petal that points to the water is pale lilac color and represents flow.

The Violet Flame essence brings light into darkness and helps us to go through periods of transition when we have to make the jump into the unknown. Maybe it’s not so much the “unknown” but a dimensional state we forgot. (Note: Together with Violet Bougainvillea and Gardenia essence it’s the most powerful transition help.)

At one point in time, we have descended into the lower frequencies of this 3D experience and now we are in the process of remembering who we are in order to ascend again. But this time, we are no longer innocent ‘angels’, we have assimilated all the experiences resulting from an incredibly courageous evolutionary journey as we reach out to the light. The experiences in this realm are dramatic and tragic since we can’t live without the tension of the polarity, which forces us to experience light and dark, sweet and salty, happiness and sadness etc. We can’t win, every time when we are happily resting on laurels and glory, the opposite pole is already lurking behind to throw us into the abyss of its shadow. Only if we learn to accept polarity and move away from the “good/bad” judgment, we can become travelers on the journey and experience each encounter as the adventure that it is meant to be and then let go and move on. We can’t stay with one pole… we can’t only breath in!

Some people have had the experience of soft blue/lilac light radiating out from the pituitary gland just behind the frontal lobes of the brain. The frontal lobes are considered to be our emotional control center and home to our personality. They are involved in motor function, problem solving, spontaneity, memory, language, initiation, judgment, impulse control, and social and sexual behavior. Violet Flame essence helps to harmonize their collective functions.

Violet Flame essence can helps people to find peace of mind to hear the “inner voice”, the voice of the Higher Self or Divine presence. We call this “hearing” intuitive abilities. In alignment with the Self, we are being guided through situations where our mind is confused and unfocused. In case of emotional turmoil, this essence calms the storm and removes emotional toxins from old dogmatic belief systems. As a result, people reconnect with their true feelings.

Blocked Violet Flame people are always busy in their heads. They are busy analyzing the things they have been learning according to logic. They disregard information arising from subtle intuition and inspiration and let brain chatter fill their minds.

Some blocked Violet Flame people drift along with whatever comes along without discrimination. They are often used and misused. They can’t discern what is good for them and are imbalanced on all levels. This is why they also get ill very easily. Alternately they may subconsciously create pairs of opposite symptoms, depending on what is going on in their life. For example: constipation (inability to let go) and diarrhea (fear of commitment); or allergies (fear of impurity and suppressed aggression) and asthma (inability to give and share). These pairs are in fact just the two sides of “one coin”. In both cases it’s the same issue expressed in different “medical guises”.

They often blame others for their failures and, should they blame themselves, it’s only to get sympathy and comfort from those they bug with their moaning. They lose themselves in emotions and are caught up in superficiality. They often complain about the “bad world out there” rather than taking responsibility for their own emotions. They do not understand that they create adverse situations themselves.

A couple Keywords for the blocked Violet Flame state

Confused; emotional; superficial; indifferent; disconnected from true feelings and being tossed around by emotions; directionless; projecting negative emotions on others

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