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Right or wrong Timing?

Right or wrong Timing?

Nov 28, 2021

Update 28 November 21 by Silver Dove

Right or wrong timing?

Some time ago a mother and daughter came to me to look at the horoscope and plan the wedding. The daughter who was supposed to get married was not happy at all. What I didn’t know then, is that the mother caught her daughter making out with her boyfriend and she insisted that they have to get married.

So I looked at the chart of them both, compared them and tried to find a date… and there was none that really would have been a good start, nor any harmony in the relationship.

I asked the mother why she insisted that they got married so soon and she said that it has to be that way and I saw the desperation of the girl. So what can I do? I remember that the date was planned in November and I could see very clearly that things are shifting fast and if I can postpone that event, it might never happen. So I did my best to find a date and it was in March the following year. The mother finally agreed to that and I had a chance to talk to her daughter, who explained the whole situation to me then. She was very relieved and as it supposed to happen, the wedding never took place.

Another sample is that an astrologer gave the date for a wedding and the mother stormed into his house half an year later and was shouting at him because it didn’t work out… he said that he told her several times, but she didn’t listen, just wanted that date… so he gave her one.

First we have to be very aware that time quality is very important to what we do and to pick the right time/date is often crucial to a project/event to be successful.

Can you imagine to get married on a day when Mercury is retrograde? The whole relationship is full of misunderstandings. Last year we had a time with 7 planets were retrograde and if someone got married or got a new job etc. in this time, it would not be a good omen for a long term relationship.

There are several methods to find out a good time, it must not be only astrology, but since I work with it, I use this as a sample. Many people are so intuitive that they chose the right time for an event. Even a “bad” time because they can’t escape it in the present moment, so they chose the “wrong” date intuitively to make sure it won’t last long.

Why did we learn so much stuff in school that we never use/need in life afterwards? At the same time, what we really needed for our daily life was not taught. When I was young we still learned many practical skills and had lessons in knitting, sewing, cooking, gardening etc. Today I know people who don’t even know how to sewing back a button properly. Skills we need. More than that, survival skills to have a good life.

Many times I wondered why we don’t learn about time quality and how to understand emotions and reactions. But now it all is clear seeing the agenda of the Cabal, what they had in mind and why the school curriculum became less and less a tool to help people to succeed in life but to make them more ignorant and less inquisitive, to just memorize instead of thinking logical and clear.

Now I also understand now much better the timing of my incarnation and the choice of parents and place I grew up. With having grandparents who were very close and my grandmother told me many stories about her youth and life, I can truly see what happened over the time of the last century. I can see the global agenda…

Now is the time to look back at the years we are here on the planet, talk to our elders and find out what kind of changes happened and if they are good. Looking how the sense for time quality was destroyed and things became linear and mechanical.

If you want to reconnect to your Soul, to the true Self, it is very helpful to understand about the quality of time and the individual curriculum of your personal life. All the life skills we have not learned when we were young, that have been withheld from us. Now it is time to go back to basics and comprehend what is going on. See the agenda of those who want to take as many souls as possible with them … down…. Into the abyss of evil.

Turn off the distracting devises that make you so tired because they suck the energy out of you. Did you know that you can see movies of every thing that is happening? They show us what they do… but if we believe it they ridicule us as conspiracy theorists!

Take a walk in nature!

Time to wake up and get ready to move out of the lethargy of obedience and giving the responsibility of what happen in your life to others. Once you understand that you create your life you want to know more and learn how to create a life in a higher consciousness … more happy, fulfilling and satisfying.

Find out and learn to understand the time quality to be able to reach a higher consciousness level. There are many ways to achieve that, first we need tools and methods as a crook. Later our conscious is very clear, our whole being becomes so refined and connected that we simply know.

This is the path to enlightenment, a little light more each step we take until we can see through all the shadows.

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