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Walking the Path of Beauty

Walking the Path of Beauty

May 29, 2021

Update 29 May 21 by Silver Dove

many years ago when we did a lot of ceremonies with groups in the mountains and forests, one of my favoured song was about the “Path of Beauty” and I tried to find it on line, but I could not find the song, but the lyrics (see below). We also used to make medicine wheels and many other kind of ceremonies to clear the energy. It was very beautiful and also impressive what happened in these ceremonies.

Many years when I was still back in Switzerland in the 80s, together with a friend we organized moon ceremonies with a fire walk. During this time, we meditated and sang until the fire was ready and the bed of coal good to walk through. We formed a circle and held hands. Each one ready went by reconnecting the hands of those s/he let go, so the circle was always closes. We had a special fire song that we were singing in a round, meaning some started first, then the second and third group started later and it was a beautiful and magical chant. It originally was a song from a youth song book and I just adjusted the text a bit.

So many times our courage was tested in front of the fire…it was a very powerful experience and each time it was new. In connection with the full- or black moon message, each time we burnt something that was not belonging to us anymore and committed to a life in service of the Light. Often members experienced profound healing. It was magical!

This was a powerful preparation for what is happening now and I am sure that each one that was part of those ceremonies is in one way supporting the process now. The old souls… those who were the “Jonathan Livingston Seagulls” ….

It is today a day of reflection of what we want to align us with. There is this split out there between those still asleep and the ones awake and fighting the fight. There are all kind of warriors, a new kind of warriors that the world didn’t have before, digital warriors and others in all walks of life!

Since you are reading this, you also are or have just joined the warriors of light. The Lyrics of this song may inspire and uplift you… replant your gardens, reconnect with the Earth…. Shine your light so every one who is ready can see it!

Path Of Beauty Lyrics
by Denean

I will walk the path of beauty

Light forever shining

Healing power of love flow through me

To the hearts of humankind.

It is time to live in peace

Mind and hearts wide open

Piercing through the veil of darkness

To the light of heaven.

Time to lay aside the judgment

Of each other's duty

In the walk that we must make

May we find the path of beaut

Oh, we must learn to live in peace

Selfless love's compassion

Looking only for the goodness

In each other's actions.

May you walk the path of beauty

Light forever shining

Healing power of love is flowing

Through the hearts of humankind.

One song I found is very similar, but not this one… check it out at:

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