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What is the "Lions Gate"?

What is the "Lions Gate"?

Aug 14, 2023

Clarification about the “Lions Gate”
and Sky View Astrology VS Western/Tropical Astrology
by Katharina Bless

I did receive a couple inquiries about this topic and I cc here the questions, so we are clear what about we are talking here, basically I am answering the questions and explain more about the meaning of the stars. I copy/paste only the part that is relevant to the topic. In each of my Astro readings I write that if people are new to the topic, they should read the blog where I explain the difference. I also recorded a couple videos with my students in the "Pearls of Wisdom" series and this one is about SkyView Astrology:

First Question:
I am really wanting to get to grips with the astrology, especially this 28 degrees difference between western astrology. This therefore throws everything out including the ‘Lions Gate’ which was announced to be on the 8th of August. If this date is not the true ‘Lions Gate’ … can you ascertain when is the true date?
Also I was listening to a talk the other day and they said that due to the calendar being manipulated, then what was predicted as 2012… was in fact 2020 …. Because the calendar is 8 years adrift. I would really appreciate your thoughts on this . Thank you for all you do and really look forward to your thoughts on these two topics.

Also… if western astrology is 28 degrees out… then what timescale do we adjust to to calibrate… is it a month out? Really trying to get my head around it

To this last questions, please check out my introduction to SkyView Astrology in my Astro-blog:
A guide to Life’s Pilgrimage and the Soul’s Path of Evolution

Second Question:
In your last Full Moon reading on your YouTube channel you shared that The Lion’s Gate is not in August at all.
I was intrigued to hear you say that because, like you referred to, so many people talk about it being on the 8th August each year.
For myself, I’m not at all qualified to say.
My question Katharina is when does this extraordinary event actually occur according to your/Skyview’s viewpoint.

There is a lot of confusion in the New Age scene, because most of the true knowledge, even if it’s hidden in the open, is not so easy to see/innerstand!

And yes, our calendar has been manipulated, but so many times that it is very difficult to find out what time it is. The Mayan calendar is an indication... but I'm not totally sure about that either. And you might have heard about the "missing century"... so I am not sure, this is not my expertise, but I generally mistrust every thing confirmed by Mainstream!

We really have to move away from every thing, the New Age was hijacked long ago and today it’s mostly about has become a new religion. I always wondered why the “Cabal” is not interfering and the more I did dive into it, I saw that there are many hidden flaws and tricks and false information that in fact, like the Vatican especially, does not serve the light at all.

Therefore, when I first learned astrology in the early 80’s, I was totally fascinated by wisdom that Ifound there, but had the funny “niggling” that something is not right. This was confirmed by my teacher then, Thorwald Dethlefsen, when he was organizing a Astrology one week workshop together with an astrologer. He was working with the 90 degree circle, a method that works outside of the backdrop of the star constellations. It was very accurate and I was using this method after that workshop and with the sensitive points that are in between two planets.

When this SkyView Astrology program “found me” (literally) it made a lot of sense and when I compared astrology charts from Western/Tropical Astrology and SkyView, it was just crystal clear. No more “it could be this or that” it was the key for the life horoscope to see why someone is here and what for.

In ancient times the first month in the "natural" always was connected to the seasons of the earth, in the northern hemisphere that would be the spring equinox in March. If we look back a 2000 years, the spring equinox was aligned with the entering of Aries and if you look at the name of the month, you can see that it's connected with Mars.

Mars, the "break through" and beginning of all things. Therefore, August is the 5th month and connected with the 5th sign, which is Leo. If we want to celebrate a Lion Gate, it would be more likely when the sun enters Leo at the end of Aug. Here you can see the sun entering into Leo:

But still, we have to know that every thing is moving and right now, looking at the real star constellations we see in the sky withing the 25'920 year Solar Year, we can see that the star signs are not the same anymore, and the spring equinox is not at the end of Aries. Which does not change any thing about the archetypes, they will remain the same. But our limited time/view on the planet can't see/perceive the grand cycle and tends to want things to remain the same.

If you look from this perspective to the stars, it might be not logical that now in the month of March the sun's transit in reality is not in Aries anymore. Here we can see that the astrology today is attached to the seasons and has not much to do with the stars anymore. I will add an image below from the Spring equinox of 2023 to illustrate this.

Therefore if we look at the "real star constellation" view where Leo is, we have a different perspective and then the question is what are the criteria of the Lion’s gate? The number 8.8 of the day/month? Every year this day has a different constellation, even in Western Astrology and the only common connection is the date. If you look from the perspective that Leo is the 5th sign, all of this makes no sense and (sorry to say so) it’s a game of diversion. The sun has just entered Leo on August 12th and I leave it up to you to find Lion’s Gate. I can’t … there are may different points that are significant, but I don’t see something that resembles the claims of the Lion’s Gate that they celebrate in New Age groups.

What I discovered is that the SkyView Astrology, the real star constellations, show the path of the soul. It is connected to the Great Solar Year of 25’920 years. Western Astrology we can say is connected with the seasons of the earth and make a certain sense for the northern hemisphere where the seasons are aligned with the astrology, but it’s the path of the ego, personality, not the soul. In the southern hemisphere it does not make any sense at all, because the sun is in Leo in their winter time! Why was nobody ever questioning this?

SkyView Astrology is about the journey of the soul and has nothing to do with the season. The archetypes show the topic of one's life! Each symbol has a very clear message and story!

I am sure, that the Western/Tropical was “fixed” to confuse us and make that we can’t really see the journey of the soul. This is what the Great Awakening is about: that we reconnect with the soul and find that we are Gods/Goddesses having a human experience and we don’t need to search for the Divine outside of us. It’s right in here… in our heart. Have you ever heard of the 5th heart chamber that was recently discovered? I have no scientific data for it, but I am sure that this is the real connection between the Divine and the Human Soul.

We don’t need intermediaries, chakras that we have to open and close… it’s all within us, all the time, easy to reach and connect. We don’t need to bow to the “lords of the world” if we connect to the Divine Within, we are guided and able to move away from being a battery and feed the systems that want to kill us!
It’s free of charge … and I remember other dimensions where we don’t need money ore blackmail or any thing else to motivate us to serve our society. All is based on love and instead of competition of complementing each other.

Its not like here in this 3D planet it’s all about money, power and greed!

Therefore in my opinion and experience, also astrology has been altered to serve “their” agenda that is in the open now!

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