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Welcome to Art Without Borders!  It's a designation or framework I chose for arts projects with a certain aim, namely: to draw the attention to the underlying unity of life, to promote harmony with all of creation - humans, animals, our environment, the cosmos - through sound art installations and other arts events made freely available to the public, regardless of anybody's economical, educational or cultural background. It therefore aims to be inclusive, taking art out of a potentially elitist environment by offering it to anybody who wishes to partake.

What I call Art Without Borders projects may also seek to bridge the gap between science and art.  Art can stimulate an interest in science, animate to further exploration and, at times, even intuit that which science has not yet proved.  Speculations which art can propose openly because it doesn't have to prove anything, may indeed be proved by science at a later stage.

On top of it:  I envisage Art Without Borders to become a network of artists from various disciplines, galleries, scientists, philosophers and others.

If you have an idea for a project which might fit into this general framework and which you would like to see happen, or indeed, if you want to collaborate or become otherwise engaged with a project, it will be my pleasure to hear from you. 

Should you wish to support this vision into reality, you can shout me a coffee or join a membership.  You'll make my day!

Thank you!

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