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Hey ūüĎč Welcome To SimGamesOnline Community Donations This is for the free servers we run to help with costs and as a thank you for running such amazing servers.

                                            Our Story

We are a gaming community that also hosts esports events. Formed during the global Covid-19 pandemic, our aim is to provide a safe nontoxic area that allow gamers a fun, safe and reliable environment in which to spend their leisure time. 

With over 20 years' experience in the gaming industry, we feel we can offer an unrivalled service in several different areas. In particular, the online events arena where we feel we can excel. 

Whether you are looking to join one of a range of exciting race series being run on different platforms, or join one of our servers we run, or just hanging out on the stream or playing some coop games with us you can do that and feel safe no matter your skill level, age or background. 

Over the years we have seen really big changes within the world and the online world especially people are now closer with the advancement in the internet.  

Let's go way back to tell a story of my journey though the online and offline gaming world. 

So it all started way back when there was a BBC model b, as a kid I was so happy my first ever computer i think i was 5 or 6 at the time and back then you had to load games on a cassette most of you won't even know what a cassette is any more. it would take around 10 minuets for your game to load and the best we had was some think called pong and fireworks a little bit then it moved on a little bit. 

push on a few years and computers and games consoles came out and wow what a great time to be alive you could have your mates round and play some duck hunt with the cheap fake plastic gun on shoot these really blocky ducks on the screen.  

A few more years on and I remember this year really well as it was the year I finished school I was one of them cool kids that left school in 1999 what a year, some think amazing happened this year online gaming I remember my first game on counter strike and unreal tournament and doom wow what a feeling I was playing with people who was not in the same room as me some of them not even in the same county as me it was life changing for me, there was down sides you think u know what lag is now when you play games you clearly never played on a 56k dial up modem and then had your mum or dad shouting at you to get off your game as they were waiting for a call from nan or a friend. 

As we keep moving down the time line we had stuff like call of duty come out and other games and then the growth in esports, which is still amazing to see what has happened with how this has grown, but then the dark side of humans and the internet started to come out online with trolls and people going out there way to make you feel like you were not good enough to play with them and so on. Gamers have always been these outsiders already that where bullied and pushed away from the "norm" and got together online and had fun but now the bully's and toxic people that we had all found somewhere to hide from had found online gaming.  

this has only gotten worse over the years as we have become more and more connected and as a person with learning difficulty's yes i have autism and other issues we were pushed away and told we were not good enough and even we became a little toxic or got involved with the wrong type of communities.. 

well this is where my idea of simgamesonline comes in, what i want to create is a community where people can feel safe again just to be a gamer and have fun no matter what with out the worry of someone being toxic to them or making them feel they are not good enough, here at simgamesonline we don't care about your back ground or where you came from, we just want you to feel like you are part of some think that is going to grow and support you in whatever game you want to play or what ever event you want to take part in, we don't care if you have the best sim rig in the world or play on a ps4 controller. you will never be judged here at simgamesonline. 

we also aim to not charge people to take part in events we host but we do have costs and donations are always welcomed and all the money that we make goes back into simgamesonline. 

so next time you see someone asking for help or someone not doing as well as others don't call them a noob or idiot or be toxic to them, chat with them get to know them maybe you will make a long-term friend. I met my best friend in an online game called planetside 2 way back when and to this day we still talk daily, and we are from two very different worlds as you would say and would never have met in any other way, but online gaming was the glue that has helped me form some of the greatest friendships I've ever formed as a person with autism who has always had a hard time making friends