You know that feeling when a new framework (or framework version) is released and you feel like creating something. Something beyond a hello world application? The release of Ionic Vue gave birth to TechConf-db.

On ZATech slack's, conferences channel there was talk of building something to list all conferences but almost a year later it had not been done. Well there are lists here and there, but I thought let me give it a shot.

Here is a snapshot of the rollercoaster while I was building TechConf-db

  • Simple one page project. Setup project. Frontend bootstrapped and ready.

  • Conference list looking good.

  • Get feedback (Sharrats to Ben Blaine and Tami Maiwashe)... Feedback opened a whole new world - so much can be done. Man, I am feeling overwhelmed. But the goal was to build a simple, one page list of conferences.

  • Frontend login security can be such a pain... Login put on pause. Ndidikiwe maarn.

  • Conference list done. Goal reached. I am enjoying this. Let's see what else I can add... Ah yes, venues...

  • Venue list looking good... (1) finding venue info is such admin. (2) I am having fun with this venue layout [focus, keep it simple].

  • Time to add speakers list.

  • Mobile-first, mobile-first, mobile-first. Wow CSS media queries are [insert all the curse words] not fun! (1 week of CSS media query struggles)

  • Anyway, whats next? Newsletter subscription feature. Mailchimp. Easy. Done.

  • Add to Calendar? Yes, let's do it. Hashtag l still have nightmares from the last time I did (more like tried) this for a work project some years back.

  • Can't find a "vue friendly" way of doing this... Think. Move on to something else. More CSS.

  • Okay, there is some light at the end of this rabbit hole... Add to [Google] Calendar integrated. I feel like I am the shiznit right now.

  • Side note: now that all the key features are done, I am thinking of adding this repo to my list of free ionic vue template repos. One time for the growth of the community, one time for your mind. Yes, Yes, Yo!

  • Revisit Login process... Add registration, speaker registration and do SEO.

  • All done!

Take away:

  • Ionic Vue is great. You should give it a try.

  • Dear Mailchimp, how about that frontend api now? In a Nodejs era using your forms is played out, bro.

  • Firebase is great for frontend devs with zero backend appetite and/or experience.