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The mix is done!

Jul 30, 2022

Thank you everyone for following this journey with me!

I spent 10 hours in the studio yesterday with Greg Hummell, my amazing engineer, mixing the three tracks. Time flew as we were so dedicated to making the tracks truly come alive. I've not been part of a mix session before, so this was an education! We poured over different takes to select what we chose as the absolute best. Greg is a musician as well as incredible technician, holding all the knowledge to bring these tracks to completion. I really could NOT have done this project without him!

This project, born of the aloneness of lockdown #2, has brought my current favourite musicians together to create a lasting record of what we COULD achieve during this pandemic craziness.

The tracks have their own story. One, a tribute to two of my most inspirational musicians. Second, a song to celebrate my final release from decades of suicidal thoughts. And the third is a shameless celebration of showbusiness, with a West End star & great friend!

These tracks are for YOU. My hope? To bring the JOY!

Please keep following right here as I'll be sharing the release dates, artwork, and pre-save details very soon ...

I will be posting all over social media in the coming weeks, celebrating my team! I hope you'll join me in giving them huge support and FOLLOW their accounts!

THANK YOU! Blessings!

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