image: Alora Griffiths

If i was a tender flower 

i'd grow maybe in September

lavandulas , a painter's palette ...

come handle me , the bee's my pilot 

if i were,  a bird of season

i'd be maybe,  not a pigeon

i'd be hoping that i'll grow

to be a'll never know

cos all my ugly duckling features

has shown me on what it teaches

that all , ugly things can be

a short excerpt of Marry me 


so if...Swans are made in couples

why do some , get left in ripples

only to proceed with pace

living Life to find it's place


please, there is a Swan out there

you can help , to be a pair

and find it's mate before it dies

living it's Life in compromise ..


gates of heaven's waiting widely..

or maybe Hell , much unsightly..

left this lonesome Swan unmade

there it hides under the shades


so there , must be a place somewhere

where other Swans , are left to pair 

not just to settle for , complaints

there must be , a place that's quaint


and when that Swan

has found its meaning ,

God will come 

it's just a feeling

that finally ,

this Swan will be

with its mate

so calm and free......