23 March 2014 at 15:21

There have been much for us to discuss

what distant thoughts keep coming back to us

those that return from the past

what is there to speak about but the confessions of what could have

what sound like solemn nights roar in our hearts

grow weaker in our minds, much weaker as time go by

what have you to tell me of

is it you're sorry for such charm and then left to be fought over again

what is it in your letters but much for me to view it in circumspect

I think it will not bring much good to cry over spilled milk

but it isn't much good either not to think it over and forgive each other

it's been many nights now, that you and you and the other you

came knocking on my mind's door and left me asking myself why

why have you and you and you come back

did I not love you enough, I think I've done enough

did you not think you've loved me enough, I think you've done enough

to you and You and yOu... It's not that I don't want to be friends

it's not that I don't want a beautiful friendship

it was beautiful while it lasted, much beautiful that way

it was not you or you or even you that hurt me so

it was the memory..

of letting go...

image: Kelly Sikkema

-Leoni Matahari