I am but new in this new arrange

A morbid and horrid of disengage

A little contact, I rid you off

A simple contract I must dissolve

Never a mist of cold terrains

Had I dismiss with needled pains

Still I walk with quiet compose

Strong and locked in focused pose

There I grew in deepest stress

Harden me with cold compress

Dare I bid a calm farewell

To a bowing distant hell

Calling me forth when I heard

With such displeasure in a lurch

There I sat with all my laces

Knitting great into white faces

Ghosts are lurking in the morn

When I wake up to my dawn

Plagued hath my mind become

With a regular distant hum

Be with me a patient pen

Writing silently in my den

Feeding dreams with elegant tones

That of pasty broken bones

Nightmares pause put on repeat

Over and over in my sleep

Dare I ask it once again

What is love to you my friend?

From the journals of

-Leoni Matahari

(my personal blog)