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Keyboard for cellphone!

I have a new opportunity to write for LilTrucks.com. They will pay me per article! Some of y'all want me to start writing a book and I should be blogging more often. A phone keyboard will certainly help with this as I exclusively use my cellphone for all online work being the minimalist traveler that I am...I don't want a computer at this time.

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Hitch mounted hammock stand

I love relaxing and sleeping in a hammock. After Overland Expo West in Flagstaff AZ, I was able to try my friend Brad's (Sunroamer Overland) Adventure Hammock Systems stand on my Tracker 😎...I still would love to add this option to my minimalist traveling rig! 

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iPhone upgrade from my current Android!

I exclusively use my current Android phone for all video, live YouTube, blogging and travel photos. As a minimalist traveler a phone is a better option for me. Upgrading to an iPhone will simplify my processes and provide better content!

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