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Hey my little Sinister friends!
My name's Kaylyn, I'm the host of Destination Sinister, and a Paralegal student from Ontario, Canada. Sinister was brought to life during the Covid-19 lockdown, as a hobby and a way to connect to people who share the same love for true crime and all things sinister.
As a mom, student, and part time worker, my plate is jam packed. But my love for podcasts and diving into the dark parts of Canada is a huge passion of mine, and although creating weekly/bi-weekly content is challenging, I do my best to keep it consistent.
If you're a fan of the show, and want to support my journey in creating and improving the podcast, please feel free to "buy me a coffee" - Tim Hortons and Starbucks always get me through the long nights of research.
I sincerely appreciate everyone who subscribes, listens, or even shares Destination Sinister with a friend. Thanks guys for all the support.
- Kaylyn, that Sinister girl.