Buy Sion Smith a latte


Here's the links to the Starfish and Coffee podcast:


An introduction is necessary. To sum up my writing career in a short sentence, I've been a pop-culture writer for 30 years and a magazine editor for 15 of them, wrote a fair few books along the way and for want of a good umbrella term, I call myself a pop-culture writer because I don't know about anything else. Give me a poster of The Muppets and I'll name all of them.

I don't want to do magazines any more unless GQ or Vanity Fair want to knock on my door. I want to write directly to my audience. I took a look around the web and saw that Matt Taibbi (late of Rolling Stone) had thrown his all into writing for himself at SubStack and appeared to be doing just fine running a subscriber-funded model. I figured I could do that too but damn... SubStack is so boring to look at, I couldn't bring myself to commit. And then I found this place. It's bright, easy to use and has the kind of brand that works for me. I'd rather my readers looked upon it as buying me coffee than supporting me financially. It just sounds less crass and in the end result, I hope you find it less crass too.

Sadly I am not Vision. I am made of human parts and have all the same commitments you do. House, car, dog, buying replacement fence panel because the storm took it down - those kind of things, so any coffee you may buy me here will be Seriously Appreciated. More importantly, it will help me build bigger and better.

Hitting me with a membership will be even More Seriously Appreciated and I think I love you. I hope you enjoy your stay.