Scenes: w/e 13.2.21
I can't decide whether this lockdown mentality is good for me or not. It's sure taken the

Feb 13

Starfish and Coffee Podcast: Episode Three

I seem to have missed posting about episode two. I'm sure you'll figure it out. This week, we talk about radio:Back in the late 80s/early 90s, my buddy JJ and myself used to spend a crazy amount of time together at club gigs, in the record store and most importantly, in each other’s kitchen throwing rock n roll philosophy at each other. It’s something we’ve kept up for over thirty years and so it continues except now, we're recording them. In episode three, we... more

Feb 13

Scenes From The Record Shop (Constantly Updated)

I figured I would start doing some random but cool things to add here while I get my act together when it domes to building this platform. Today's addition is album reviews - there must be a better way of cataloguing these so as they move forwards in the feed, but for now, let's just play.It's gonna be tough creating a 'magazine environment' here but that never stopped me doing anything before. I cut my teeth writing reviews when I was a kid and I still get a kick out... more

Feb 11

Starfish and Coffee: Episode One

Episode one of Starfish and Coffee has been released into the wild. You can listen to here on Anchor:Starfish and Coffee on AnchorI'll add links to the other portals (Spotify, Apple, etc) over the next day or so as they go live - and this sentence will disappear.

Jan 21

A Better Tomorrow

After something like five years away from the fire-pit, I went back to twitter today with the idea that it would be OK - and it kind of was but it was very much like being abducted by aliens, getting dropped off where they picked you up and expecting everything to be the same even though five years has passed. The scenery is the same, the never-ending stream of messages you don't care about is the same but everything is different. I'll persist but it really is like trying to find a... more

Jan 21