This week, I’m taking a detour to talk about one of my passions: sharks! We’re going to file this one under ‘pseudo pop culture’ because if talking about our oceans, the planet and climate change isn’t the biggest part of the new pop culture, I don’t now what is.

Enter Jodie Rummer. Jodie is an Associate Professor at PhysioShark from James Cook University in Australia, who was game enough to take some time at the beginning of her day (as I got to the end of mine) to indulge my curiosity about these Kings of the Oceans. 

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It didn’t take long for us to also get into the guts of what life is like for our oceanic friends right now - but we also got into: the responsibility of humans in the bigger picture of ocean life, climate change, global warming, fish habitats, adapting human technology for the ocean and extensively about Women in Ocean Science and how things are changing on that front.

Jodie’s list of achievements is long. If you’re interested in digging deeper… knock yourself out:

Theres’s a PhysioShark documentary right here.

You can watch a partial of a Discovery Channel doc with her here on twitter.

There’s a hyper-detailed (or at least it is for me) article UNESCO article here.

You can find the ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies here.

Other than that, Jodie has her own web page here.

And you can follow her on twitter here.


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