Hello world,

I just updated my offerings on here. All proceeds from my three offerings will go towards the launch of Siro Studio Online. As you know, my goal for funding is $4840, which is half of my production costs. Of course double that is ideal but I'll meet you halfway regardless of the outcome.

My new EXTRAS include

Close Friends List ($5) which gives you "exclusive" access to my behind the scenes Instagram stories. I share the process, what I'm working on, and what I've learned in my personal life, work, and relationships. Basically, I'm giving you the unfiltered tea. 🍵

Content Consultation ($50) includes a full page and audience audit as well as at least 3 actionable steps to elevate your brand through your content. We'll evaluate your current goals and create habits that will up your content creation game.

Accountability Partner ($400) Now don't get freaked out about the $$$ amount. This is my favorite and highest impact offering because my job is to help you establish a daily or weekly routine to get closer to your high level goals. Complete the plan I create for you and you $200 at the end of the month. This is a 1 month program where we call to check in 1x a week and I keep you accountable 3x a week.

Please feel free to share this with your family or friends. Would really appreciate the financial support for this brand and it also just happens to be what I love to do. Looking forward to working with you!