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By heart Eye Am a multi-dimensional intellectual creating space consciously as Poetry's Visual Storyteller. A place where EMPATHICLY eye explore realms EMBODYMENT within the act of Mysticism revealing Shamanism as a modern day Citizen Scientist. Where my studies are in NATURE, Gnosis, MENTALISM, Vibrations,  METAPHYSICS, ALCHEMY, THE ART OF HEALING, EPIGENETIC, CARBON & ENERGY.

As a INVESTIGATIVE RESEACHER I gravitate to scholarly public archives constituting the FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACT instituting scientific evidence unveiling’s of conscious awareness from governmental files sourced from the Central Intelligence Agency. This data invites my awakened state to respond  creating M.O.M. & E.E. Projects that journeys to self enlightenment, While downloading ancient knowledge in ancient truths involving the Revolution of our EVOLUTION of self empowerment.

As a ANCESTIAL SHAMAN and Certified Shamanic Life Coach Eye am rooted in THE ARTS OF HEALING absorbing and downloading ancient knowledge, LANGUAGE NUMERICAL VIBRATIONS PRACTITIONER OF SEPDET/Sopdet Sirius Star 🌟 

Eye 👁 Am only here to help you remember you🕉Aum Shanti Shanti  Shanti  ⚛️