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Hey 👋 We just created a page here. You can now buy us a coffee!

Sisters Rachel Lom and Dr. Jody Jedlicka co-host The Sisterhood of Success podcast, where we discuss issues that promote success, encourage personal growth, and provide a community of sisterly support.

We have always found that sharing conversation and ideas with our sisters creates an amazing energy that we want to share with others.

The problem is, we also want to eat. We really like to eat.

Your financial support enables us to free up time from our normal workdays to create this community for everyone to enjoy.

Please know that we appreciate your support in whatever form it comes, from listening to episodes to telling a friend about the show to buying us a cup or two or coffee! Wine is also acceptable. ;)

And remember...success is a personal definition! What does success mean to you? Define it. Plan for it. Create it. And enjoy it!