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I enjoy digital modeling and sculpting for 3D printing. I'm currently on a quest to create 3D printable monster standees and overlay tiles for Gloomhaven.

This a fan project for me, if you like the models I've created and want help encourage me along the way, please consider buying me a coffee.  Thank you for your support!

Check out my Thingiverse page to see my designs.  I also have a variety of multi-material/multi-color and exclusive prints available on my Gumroads Store.

Commercial Sales:

If you are interested in selling 3D prints of my terrain files you can sign up for a membership. (this does not include miniatures/monsters)  As long as you are subscribed as a current member you are allowed to sell prints of my models commercially.  You will  also gain access to an online repository of all terrain STLs available for commercial sales, including models I have for sale on cults3D.  You may contact me at Robagon3D at gmail dot com for further details.

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Enjoying the prints! Thanks 

Thank you! 👍 

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Thanks Steve; Happy Printing!

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I'm hoping you'll find a way to get your designs manufactured en masse so I can just purchase them. Printing and painting is hard!

Ha, there is a lot of cardboard to replace!  There are some people selling them on etsy that are licensed printers, I think one might even paint some of them.😄 

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noice! Thx

Thank you!! 👍 👍 👍 👍 👍 

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