Hey There,

At SK NEXUS we believe in making information about technology accessible to the masses. That is honestly easier said than done. We live in a society where education and information-based content is already very niche, on top of it - forget about making any money from such endeavors. When we started SK NEXUS we set a clear aim that unlike other content platforms we don’t want to rely on ads or content that is not authentic in its delivery - we were tired of 100-word articles that had 100 ads on them with only the purpose of flooding people’s newsfeed. We don’t have profits in mind when starting a way for people to support us, but the sad reality is that infrastructure cost is a big undertaking.

The sole purpose of setting up this creator economy platform is to enable you, the lovely listener or reader, to help us support our mission to spread awareness and knowledge about technology and pay our bills associated with having a website, a podcast, a healthy content stream, and authenticity behind what we say in form of experience and research.

This is not a small ask, but this does come from our heart - your support will be forever appreciated and we ask you to feel proud in being part of the next evolution for freedom of information.

Thank You

Saqib Tahir - Founder SK NEXUS