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Thank you for checking my support page for fella who'd wish to support my art. I made this specifically for donation on tattoo permissions too! Please write your name on Insta.

It has been like almost 3 years that I have been sketching on instagram but it was just this year I became open and convinced that there are really people somewhere that would definitely back you up on doing things you love to do even if you dun know them or them knowing me.

It's just amazing coz I always look at my crafts as trash or not good enough. That can't be eliminated in me but I am always happy that it is appreciated across the world and that my story behind it reaches people who happens to have the same. Some told me they never had any idea what they were going through until they've seen my sketch.
So yeah, technicality wise, my draws are my insecurity still. But I love that I can draw what I feel regardless shitty. I am happy enough to be relevant.