That's me a few years ago in my closet office at the SVT Health & Wellness Community Clinic. I was an RN Case Manager. On my off hours I gave storytelling performances on all of Homer's stages, started a storytelling group, and self-published two books, I've marketed poorly.

When I retired from nursing, I jumped into webinars and groups promising thousands of dollars as an online entrepreneur. I'm still on that journey and so far have succeeded in making several bad investments and a little money. So I have to work two 12-hour night shifts to supplement my social security income.

Living in Alaska's expensive and starting a business requires money. This is the first business lesson everyone should be told and I wasn't.

Thanks for dropping by. I'd love to share a cup of coffee or tea with you virtually. Why tea? I can drink several cups of tea every day, herbal, green, black, chai. But coffee, only once a day and not every day.

Here's my most recent article in Medium, You Made My Day.

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