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I'm an amateur sound recordist and an audio designer. I love capturing ambiences and unique sounds! Feel free to use my content in your projects!

I'm always strived to capture sounds that make people close their eyes and imagine. To that end, I'm constantly travelling, listening to my surroundings. 

It is amazing how sound recording hobby can change one's life and behaviours. I feel like a predator that is always on the lookout! Like a cat, whose ears are constantly moving and is aware of its surroundings, I hunt for sounds!

All my recordings on is licensed under Creative Commons 0. So anyone can download and use them in their commercial and non-commercial projects. It would be nice if you attribute me and let me know about them but you don't have to.

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i like this boat sound you recorded, so thanks for that. all i want in life is to see you well-caffeinated.

Thank you so much. I sure am now! ^^

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Thank you very much!

Ne demek, umarım işine yarar :)