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Hey there! I'm Seeley. I enjoy writing about video games on my blog: ! My style of writing tends to lean more towards "hey I played this and I really enjoyed it, you should check it out and here's why". I don't think I'm the greatest at criticism (constructive or otherwise), although that's something I want to try and work towards in the future!

Along with video games, I sometimes write about more personal things, including impromptu journal-style posts and a monthly photo journal project I've been doing! At the beginning of each month (relatively), I post the prior months happenings with photos to accommodate, kind of like a diary. You can check it out here:

If you want to check out my cross stitching, you can head over here where I have a gallery set up for WIPs and final products (I'll be setting one up here soon):

Any support on ko-fi or here on BMAC will go towards hosting+domain fees for my blog, and cross stitching supplies :)

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