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Short Story

1. I'm an audiovisual artist, depending on performing live shows.
2. Corona hit and cancelled all future live events.
3. live shows, no income?
4. New plan: create content online and find supporters.
5. You showed up and if you like my work, please consider buying me a coffee.

Long Story

I'm working on my first one-hour AV DJ show, mixing music, comedy, design and cinema with turntables into a silly live experience.

For the past decade, I’ve put all my time and effort, working for a creative international company. The time has been very rewarding and allowed me to develop from a graphic designer to a digital producer / art director. At some point I realized my life was more about having meetings and office politics than actually having fun while creating cool shit.

I decided to quit my job and use my skills and experience to build my own company to have fun while creating cool shit. The first big project will be an AV DJ show.

If you want to help me build, please consider buying me a coffee.

Thank you for your support! 

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