For being here! <3

You're looking exceptionally beautiful today and I am thrilled you came by!

If you'd have told me, (the 'old' me, circa 2016.) that I was about to embark on, what relentless Google searches would call, a "Spiritual Awakening," I would have been delighted.

Visions of me, free-flowing and whimsically wandering, barefoot, beneath trees, cross fields of bluebells; would likely occupy my mind.

I didn't think it would / could be like this.


Can be terrifying.

Dark. Difficult. Dramatic.

Traumatic. Turbulent. At times.

And I've handled most of it in Rhyme.

Neatly defined, (though rarely on the line,) as 'Poetry.'

You'll often hear me say, "expression is the opposite of depression," which is a truth I discovered whilst searching for my own internal compass.

Essentially words are my therapy.

Over the course of the past 5 years I have penned, (and often performed,) over 30 pieces of poetry, some, simple, sassy snippets, others esoteric verse, each expressing the varying phases of me, (kinda like the moon and her phases of illuminosity.)

Some of these poems have evolved to become films featured on my Facebook, Insta and Youtube accounts.

Others have remained under wraps. Until now.

Now, as a "Thank you," I would like to offer my poetry collection by way of my first Anthology, entitled, "Emergence," as a complimentary download to all poetic Priests & Priestess' whom choose to subscribe to support my work on the regs.

In addition to this I will be delving deep and uncovering the many lessons and blessings that each poem pertains to, in video content you won't find anywhere else on the web.

If this sounds like your cuppa, please do join the clan.

Otherwise thank you once again for the Coffee. It was delicious!

Steph Xx

P.S My Writing / Filmmaking / Directing services are available for commissioned work. If you have your own Poetic Project please do get in touch!

[email protected]