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Hi! I'm Skye aka slow stitch club.

slow stitch club is a place to learn, to slow down, to soak up the process and to make small stitches that aim to make big changes and help to create a more sustainable planet. 

It’s not just about the end goal of a finished mend, but it’s about the time taken to give your clothes another chance, give old skills their spotlight back and to take a step away from the overwhelming amount of 'stuff' that is constantly being created. 

Whether you're a stitching wizard or have never picked up a needle and thread before, I want to share the skills you can use to extend the lives of your clothes and keep them from landfill. I share kits, tools and guides to help with the practice of visible mending and always aim to make slow stitch club as accessible as possible. 

If you enjoy my content and are able to buy me a coffee then that is amazing; accessibility is a huge part of what I create here and your support enables me to keep as much of my work as possible free for everyone to access.

This journal is a space for me to document all those behind the scenes details; from rambles about what I'm up to and my hopes and fears for slow stitch club, sketchbook collages in my downtime, the process of finding stockists and all the ins and outs of my mending journey.