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hi! i create (almost) daily content on “SAILOR MOON WISDOM” where i caption empowering quotes on sailor moon screencaps. it’s more difficult than you think! i love you all! consider this like a tip jar? 🥰
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i love your art and sorry it keeps getting stolen :/

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I saw you're having a tough time dealing with people stealing your work and wanted to try and support you. I love your stuff, definitely had some of your posts hit really close or give me the extra push to get through the day. thank you!

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I'm sorry people are stealing your work 🥺 have a coffee on me 💕 hang in there and much appreciation for your work! Thank you for sending positive and needed messages 🌙 in the name of the moon, those thieves will be punished!

Tilden Bissell
Someone bought a coffee.
Someone bought a coffee.

Thank you for the amazing quotes and beautifully edited pics. And thanks for being unapologetically left