May 18, 2021

some tunes part ii - 9:01pm

hello again okay i'll admit i posted my first message on here with capital letters was too much!! i'm sticking with lower-case for now please and thank you. anyway, i've had plenty of thinking time since my last list of album recommendations to pick out some more gems. so without further ado, here is part two (that rhymes!)pet sounds - the beach boysah, pet sounds. this is such a fantastic collection of songs which is down to the genius that is brian wilson.... more

May 16, 2021

some tunes - 11:27pm i was thinking about a few odds and ends i could possibly write to you about which would actually be worth reading. since music has always been something very important to me, i thought it might be quite a nice idea to suggest a few albums worth trying out in your spare time. it also works as a nice little exercise for me, as i've realised i don't tend to listen to many albums in full, and that i prefer to dip in and out of different styles without listening... more

some tunes - 11:27pm
some tunes part ii - 9:01pm


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