so i was thinking about a few odds and ends i could possibly write to you about which would actually be worth reading. since music has always been something very important to me, i thought it might be quite a nice idea to suggest a few albums worth trying out in your spare time. it also works as a nice little exercise for me, as i've realised i don't tend to listen to many albums in full, and that i prefer to dip in and out of different styles without listening to a full album. so without further ado, here is the list:

what's going on - marvin gaye
this album. i'm listening to it now, on what is actually the anniversary of his (incredibly tragic) death. it's easy on the ear, but when you stop to listen to the lyrics the contrast is quite jarring. he sings of all sorts of issues ranging from poverty to drug abuse to vietnam war, making it a culturally significant work of art, as well as an excellent soul album. it's an album for cleaning your room in the afternoon, when it's bright and the windows are open to change the air. it's just something which sounds so fresh to me, i love it.
my favourites: god is love, mercy mercy me, head title (aka distant lover) available on the deluxe edition

after laughter - paramore
post-emo positive nihilism! this album is so fruity and has some lovely little bops to dance around your room to because your life is a low-budget indie movie and you are the dysfunctional yet endearing protagonist.
now imma keep it real with you chief: some emo bands made the transition to today's mainstream pop scene (say that five times in a row) and some did not. hayley williams absolutely did. there are bops, but it also never quite shakes off that "what if i die alone?" kinda feel to it.
my favourites: pool, no friend

bcos u will never b free - rex orange county
ok so you've heard loving is easy and/or best friend. now here's where things get interesting.
this is my favourite of all his stuff i've heard so far. mind you, i haven't actually listened to his latest album pony so take that with a pinch of salt. but i genuinely believe that this album has managed to bore itself so deeply into my soul that it will take something pretty revolutionary of his to come close to replacing it.
it feels effortless, but in the sense that he couldn't be bothered to make it perfect. it sounds homemade, organic, aloof, although the energy of green eyes, pt ii begs to differ. so go on, it's only twenty eight minutes.
my favourites: belly (the grass stains), japan, know love

the dark side of the moon - pink floyd
at the risk of sounding incredibly pretentious, it is quite good.
i first listened to this a couple of years ago and i genuinely had no idea what to expect, despite being aware that it was one of the biggest selling albums of all time and had such an iconic album cover (black with a triangle and a rainbow ah yes that album). but you can't really tell what kind of tunes you're in for just from the cover. and after all those listens i still can't quite tell you what i heard! but i find it very fun and either you enjoy it or understand why everyone was on drugs when listening to it.
my favourites: time, us and them

julie is her name - julie london
an album which screams fifties, only it's not a scream but in fact a soft sigh. this is such a lovely little selection of dreamy numbers suitable for any point of low activity during the day (and yes ladies i am currently aware that happens to be every waking moment). but i think it's really perfect for those quiet and intimate moments that might occur from dusk onwards, like taking your make up off or maybe flipping through old photos. while it's not on this album i do prefer her version of fly me to the moon over sinatra's, and every time i think of the song title cry me a river my mind always goes to julie before justin. i think if you listen you may understand why.
my favourites: i'm in the mood for love, no moon at all

let's dance - david bowie
my first ever vinyl i bought! it was at a second hand market in a small town in southern spain, where i went on an exchange trip when i was about fifteen. the record skips and refuses to play about two thirds of the way into modern love, so you have to gently push the needle to move it along and get it started again. in my opinion this only adds to the experience. now there's ones which i like more than others but i still like to listen to the whole thing rather than picking my favourites, probably a habit of playing the vinyl so many times through. if you're looking to try a bowie album this really isn't a bad place to start.
my favourites: china girl, criminal world

manners darling - lady fortune
my hidden gem. my underdog. my recommendation. mine.
i listened to this album on a whim; t'was but a briefly made suggestion by a guy i follow on instagram. and i am so glad i did! because this album is now something so dear to me, by a band that no longer exists who barely seemed to exist in the first place. which brakes my heart but i'm still so happy this album is out there. if you like that sort of early-two-thousands-arctic-monkeys-like-brit-rock then hooty hoo! this is a treat for you. one of these easily could have made it onto the angus thongs and perfect snogging soundtrack, if it weren't for the fact that the album was released after the film (but it's a bit tricky trying to find an album release date)
my favourites: nice to be talked about, easily in my top five favourite songs of all time

well i think this would be a good time to take a pause, i hope you've enjoyed this tinyletter! we still have more or less the rest of the alphabet to cover, so perhaps i will try and get that to you in the next few days.
stay safe, all the best
emily xoxo

originally posted to tinyletters on 2nd April 2020